• Our People

  • Joe Trojcak

    Composer, Multi-Keyboardist, Engineer

    Owner-Operator Progressive Enterprises Sound Studios

    Creating and developing an outstanding audio space for musicians to capture their music has been Joe Trojcak's focus for 32 years. 

  • Jay Kirssin

    Jay has been an integral part of Progressive since the very beginning.   "This room just sounds great!  My clients feel at home here at Progressive and so do I."



  • Marshall P. Deasey IV

    Marshall has been recording here for over 14 years.  He takes care of our computer and technical needs. "Progressive's rooms and vibe make it easy on the artist and that helps everyone perform better."  


  • Drew Zimmerman

    "As a key holder I can promise you that when you walk into Progressive, not only will you feel at home with the rooms and the kitchenette but you will also feel the energy of your music and appreciate the time you have put in. That is why I keep coming back and will continue to."


  • Sy Rossi

    "I like recording at Progressive Enterprise Studios because the room is perfect for anything you want to do. The drums always sound great and having pre-flown overheads makes life easy. Also you can do a full live tracking session with little to no bleed. The control room is also easy to plug in to if I want to use my own gear, which also makes life easy."


  • Byron Linder

    "I love to record at Progressive because it has a great environment for creativity.  The atmosphere is warm and inviting which helps the artist to perform at their best." 


  • Fred Pellegrini Jr.

    "Progressive is quite possibly one of the best sounding recording studios in the area.  It's a commercial recording studio, not a project studio, in the central PA region where any artist and/or audio engineer will feel right at home. 


  • Ryan Franz

    Progressive is the place to be in Central PA for professional quality audio recording.  The space and gear are top notch, but the people behind the scenes are the ones confusing the studio magic.  Here we will always focus on bringing out the true potential of every musician. 

  • Josh Eimer